I smear my pain™ on my skin and wear it under my clothes
how do I hide what you hide show me
they are heading straight towards us
it is rising into the air between the trees without leaves
it is a milk carton in the hand of an astronaut
Tom Cruise puts on a red white and blue motorcycle helmet
a tank chases a soldier that sees an abandoned gun
he fires towards the tank dust rises from beneath
he fires explosives in to the air
here is a parking lot in front of a forest in front of the sky
a bird flies from a tree to the pavement sing with me birdie sing with us in the understand disaster of the daily give and settle™
it is a golden bear waking up near someone’s pool and walking over to the
bird feeder it is standing on it’s hind legs trying to grab the bird feeder
it is a spasm during an embrace
it is in the darkness of the under under
I hesitate I put the drink down and look at you
I don’t know I just hope™ to get there sometime
I miss™ you we walk past one another and I miss™ you
this is no grave here we spit blood and continue without it
dark wing mid-flight middle of the day
Tom Cruise catches the head in a net and lets the body fall
this fluorescent burns the hand
come back to me swinging door
there is nothing wrong™ with the end of it
and that makes this fight worthwhile
I know I will not succeed™ but I will fight
and warriors pursue us through the cornfields
I do not want to win I want to fight for us
I insult you by calling you names I touch you
the door closes someday so I hold it open for now
the panther jumps from the tree and runs in our direction
a car slows the brake lights go on and off
a panther chases Tom Cruise through the forest towards the light
cricket in the backyard hidden in the shadow of the house
a fire is lit and a dog walks on a carpet
it feels like a grave and looks like light
in this boring life in the middle of civilization
I mean to get there
I look over to you but there is only a mirror there
I take my shoe off and throw it at the mirror
that’s it I’m going out there to find you