there is a waterfall inside your eyeball
that is turning so quickly in this pathetic™
I give in to good™ and bad™
just because I like to feel them
Tom Cruise smiles looking at the lava on the rocks
thermal receipt paper in a plastic bag under wet bottles
a body bag on a body bag on a body bag in a dark room
headbands wristbands and socks on a human
we are surrounded by eagles and owls and bears and wolves
but they are all logos so no worry™
there is calm™ to go with the opposite
the ripple of the rock in the wave of the ocean
fur on micro fiber and grey tape on the window
I touch a doorknob and look at you
you look wonderful™ and your brain is shining through your hair
I smile from under a hood and fireflies come out from between my teeth
Tom Cruise crouches in the jungle holding a machine gun
wind moves around the person and hits the window
it is morning it is too early to call
but I need™ you now to help™ carry on with my disgust™ with all those hidden things
I don’t know I’m scared™ and holding my stuffed dog and thinking of you sometimes
no matter
it is a light that blinks in the hallway when a voice comes over the loudspeaker
it is blood by the light of the prism
Tom Cruise shoots a skyhook in the driveway
I am looking for something I want™ for myself and it doesn’t exist
I look to you for this every now and then
and I have to remind myself that you hold your water
I hold my water
I make a prison and think of you from far away
simultaneous horns in traffic at night near the neon that light the street
a power panel vibrates every now and then
the vampire hooks in its teeth
a solitary captain with a diamond on his finger
looking at the mast in the mist in the middle of the night
a wreath of oak leaves
come over here and put me out of my misery™ I sing to you
I am food
the mountain in the sunlight near the shore where the water touches sand
young Tom Cruise lays on the driveway watching the swaying grass
guerrillas in the jungle make hand motions
it is left behind veterinarians dancing in a dark bar
I’m fighting through the painful™ feelings in my body
surrounded by thousands of asteroids and billions of comets
he went in the store and bought some milk then got back into the car
it is a lovely™ mummy in the museum surrounded by lights and tourists
a small robot sits on the surface of mars surrounded by the moving dust
and it does not pace it does not call home it is a slow burial
the feather gently out of the pillow and down to the hardwood
drowsy astronauts come back to earth
it is a full size day-glo statue of liberty
I listen to the glistening icicles
I hold the phone with your number in the memory
and think of calling you even though it is late you might still be up
I place that small machine on the counter and walk away from it
butterfly floating over a waterfall
Tom Cruise sings on a bus driving through the city
it is crying cheerleaders running onto the field breathing heavily
there is a snake in my heart
there is a baby in my heart
each small motion I make is a part of the code my inner life offers you
the bus flips and lands in the yard
someone crawls out of the wreck bloody
I am full of love™ and heartbroken™ continually
this is the battlefield of emptiness™ and overflow
it is the generation of praise and lazy™
we do nothing
we put our face in the disaster and do nothing with it
an explosion expands behind us and ahead of us