the octopus moves alone through the ocean where it is dark
it gets dark here too
I’m used to it now
I expect it and put my body weight into it to keep from flipping
I am not traveling to the part of the world that is bright all the time
we stir the mix together or I do nothing and get useless
I watch TV and think about you
one star gravitates mass from another star and expands until it's unstable
a metal bike rack sits on the concrete surrounded by grass
Tom Cruise eats chips out of a plastic bowl
he calls a contact from his cell phone
the sun is coming up
there is a tree with no leaves falling over a bird flies from the tree
the gymnast’s feet touch the trampoline
then the gymnast spins in the air
thousands of bats fly out of the cave where the river turns into a waterfall
bottle in a bag in a trashcan
mold on some food in a bowl covered with paper
I will tell you and tell you and tell you
because I forget how it gets sometimes
I’ll look at your face near your eyes while I talk to you
I spit the rosary out and pick up the chopsticks
I’ll see you around
this tree moves a bit in the wind I watch it from inside the house
and wipe some cheese off the table
the phone rings and my heartbeat picks up I look at the number
I cannot answer right now the phone stays on the table and isn’t touched
it stays ringing I am sorry it’s just circumstances nothing personal™
I shake my head and a balled up piece of paper lands in the empty box
I relate a little
I imagine you holding the ringing phone then closing the phone,
then putting it on the table next to the bag
there is a chip under the couch
that bulldozer drives on top of the dump
arranging the pile while garbage trucks pour in
a hand that holds the wallet inside the pocket
I think about my problems™ I think about my problems™ all day long
and I relate to the coma
I touch my chin to my shoulder
a nerf gun shoots a dart that sticks on the mirror where a face reflects
dead gnats accumulated at the bottom of the bulb dim the bulb
a finger turns on the game system
plugged into the hd hanging on the wall next to a picture
Tom Cruise riverdances looking in your eyes his nose touching your nose
I’m hiding the phone under the mattress
there is a pair of sunglasses on the pool table
and a pinball machine repeating a song and blinking in the dark room
there isn’t any paper on the table there is no glass of water there
it is an empty surface reflecting the shine from the bulb of the floor lamp
a battlefield with tourists walking on it looking up at the partial eclipse
a zebra and a giraffe walk through the same shallow water miles apart
a pack of hyenas hunt a grazing impala
the air between the hooves and the ground
there are a lot of terribles™ out there that
embed the video of sadness inside the ribcage
the cats make some noise jumping off the counter onto the ceramic
shorts with scorpions embroidered on them
I ace and I shiver and ache wearing a headband on the tennis court
a hand touches the handle and opens the cooler door
Tom Cruise rolls down the hill then gets up and tries to keep his balance in this dizzy I like™ that you exist because
I have gotten used to feeling nothing™ or tragics or thrillers
you are alright™ and I feel good™ right now
and I probably wouldn’t of done that without you
I think about feeling good™ sometimes when I feel nothing™
it feels like a memory or a house across town with a tornado between us
a bug lands in the water the ripples move the light
the sock in a cardboard box in the storage space under the building
the dog steps off the snow
the dog steps in the puddle
the bug feels the dog’s tongue
the puddle ripples as the dog walks back onto the snow
the dog nuzzles the person carrying the retractable leash
someone sitting on a bench sneezes then takes a sip from a plastic bottle
I hang glide with you over the ocean
I nudgeyour shoulder with my shoulder and pointing
all these socks that touch the shoes that touch the escalator
I will carry you
my hair is your rickshaw and I run over all terrain and lay you in the bed still sleeping