the statue of the warrior between two metal trees covered in blue lights
my virus protection is always outdated
I rub my forehead looking at the ground
multiple helicopters are hovering just above the water
a giraffe touches the grass of the savannah
it is the blue part of that body touching the carpet
take it easy tell me what’s wrong
I get a text massage from you and I try to reply but it doesn’t send
your hand touches the fur of the cat while the cat bites the green mouse
there is a full moon and I am glad not to be a werewolf because
I want to get back to the house where people have to knock
while I am motionless and quiet
the mactruck drives on a long straight road going through a prairie
the herd scatters and runs to where the predators aren’t
four eyes of two people on a blind date
you push the door
out of the way
and it rotates
the head just kind of opened up and there was dark liquid on the concrete
Tom Cruise can’t sleep tonight
he paces in the kitchen near some posters of himself
there is a window washer standing on the scaffolding leaning on the mall
I don’t know why it feels so much easier™ when you’re here
it is like a lot of things that don’t matter too much
and wake me up like a loud sound
I convince myself to feel haunted just so I won’t be alone
there are lots of people in machines far away from houses moving quickly between rows of lights on poles
I felt bored™ and looked at the cotton socks in the shape of my feet
the panther wakes up next to a smaller panther in the tall grass
it looks to where the sound is coming from then goes back to sleep
I have taken out a subprime loan and I want to give you all the money
Tom Cruise does jumping jacks on top of a sky scraper
A gold chain touches a grey shirt and the neck of someone
sitting in a station wagon braking at the stop sign
the cameras rotate the ring in the center of the arena
most of the leaves move in the wind while something breathes
in the shadow moving on the ground it’s all right
the paper bag on the counter doesn’t mean much
Tom Cruise mops the kitchen floor wearing an apron
neon leaflets are dropped from a plane while it’s snowing
someone opens a cabinet and puts a jar on a shelf
I stretch my legs out and try to think of something to say to you
but I can’t decide so I just wait for you to say something
one boot is standing and one boot is lying by the door
an animal ducks behind the dumpster
a volcano makes an island in the sea
I remember the first time we met
that was before earbuds
there is a part of the flower underground
there is a sleepy people walking through towns with hats on
someone stands on top of a building speaking into a megaphone
I yell up to them I try to yell louder than the megaphone can go
I run up the stairs the door is locked when I get there I look at you standing on the ground and shake my head as I walk down the stairs
you walk a little and stop and stand with your hands in your pockets
we stand below the building listening
Tom Cruise wears a fireman’s helmet and carries an ax
there is a sound louder than a megaphone
pieces of building hit the ground
the megaphone hits the ground
more rubble crashes over us like a wave
we are buried under five stories of rubble
wiggling our way through the pile yelling to one another
I whisper while metal and glass and concrete jab my body
I can hear the sound of you working through it where you are
the sun comes up and goes down and
people are walking somewhere above us
I pass a body that is blue and continue I hear you loudly
you are above me screaming through the megaphone
pieces you are standing on fall through the debris and touch my face
while I wiggle I hear your voice for an entire day
and I finally climb through and it is nighttime
there is a crowd of people wearing different kinds of equipment
I drink water from a cup that is handed to me
I touch your ankles with my forehead
Tom Cruise stands in front of the smoke and
nods approvingly holding his hands on his hips
A supernova releases a large mass of energy and detonates
far from our planet where a bird touches the ocean with its wing
you are here with me handing me the jaguar and the elk
a box of nails next to a lighter on a counter
I think about seeing you when your not around and I get lightheaded
and put my hand on my heart and think about the pledge
while I count my heartbeats watching the clock
a fire extinguisher attached to a wall next to a door
the car nears the intersection the right blinker turns on
the person stands on the median the car u-turns around the median
a fluorescent light makes a high-pitched sound in the gas station
the mop touches the ceramic the mop moves circularly
an airplane disappears into a cloud
but there is still the sound of it