I walk through the tall grass towards the supermarket
there are streetlights on and some car noise over there
I kneel in the grass and my hair moves in the wind
the grass moves in the wind
the garbage near the curb moves in the wind
I jump out of the grass
and hit your shoulder with my shoulder and smile at you
you push me back into the grass I laugh
the milk coats the glass she drinks from
a little runs down her collar and Tom Cruise hands her a napkin then
he looks at his cellphone in the low light of the restaurant
you skip with me on the concrete I sit on a curb and look in your eyes
what is it
what’s wrong™
it is a group of models dancing under a disco ball
the balloon moves towards the clouds
the cat stands on the mower and nuzzles against the window
I say ‘how was your night?’ to you on instant messenger
you don’t respond
a few hours later I send ‘hello’
and then a couple hours after that ‘okay, goodnight’
Tom Cruise wears an eye patch and watches a war from inside a building
I step toward the vehicle and invite you inside
the movie freezes
so these people kiss forever
with the rubble in mid-air
it is a video game played on a cell phone
the clouds move over the forest slowly
the clouds crash against the mountains and hover above the lake
I send an e-card with pictures of birds in trees
a submarine submerges and goes silent
water touches the inside of the bucket
a hand picks up the bucket
water touches the window
the empty bucket touches the ground
Tom Cruise follows the directions of the gps
I sing to you from inside the sonar
a crowbar touches a forehead and
the forehead touches the grass
the scrunchie falls off of the person rolling up the passenger window
we have a build in surge protector that keeps up from getting overpowered
we are slowly saved from the fire by the fire™
have no fear™ here the scary™ is the water we are born in
from the yellow barrier I can hear a marriage and a motor and a tide
there is the sound of small animals in trees
I sip from the nozzle the water mixes with saliva
a glass casket is carried by a crane over an estate
I am rubble I rebuild myself
knees run through dark gyms
I shiver on this terrifying™ terrain
turning my head back and forth frantically looking for you
Tom Cruise hits the beach ball into the pool
I am part of the dying equation
it is the chariot and the chassis in the afternoon
you are soft reins in my mouth it’s just so empty otherwise
I imagine I am the person driving us and I smile
there is so much to everyday
it is endless and insignificant™
and I am glad™ there is no normal™ to return to
Tom Cruise is tossed off a pillow into the world
it was passed up and then it was passed up again
just because that is the way
and I lay down to think about it for now
I jiggle I move my hand circularly over my face
I will drop it for you
I’m not hot on the trail of anything
I’m just looking around